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Flyer for the SPEEA ACE Personal Velocity class featuring somebody skydiving and attempting to work on a laptop, showing their poor prioritization.

Personal Velocity: How to Increase Prioritization and Productivity Skills to Achieve More Professionally and Personally

Time limit: 1 day


Full course description


DATE: April 26, 2024

TIME: 6 pm - 7:00 pm


Attendees must be at least 18 years of age.

This training WILL be recorded.


This webinar shares processes and techniques for increasing professional and personal productivity. Participants learn the key factors that impact their productivity in the workplace and evaluate how they spend their time at work. The Impact/Effort Grid is introduced, and participants learn how to use this best practice tool for task prioritization. The webinar focuses on learning how to proritize the important over the urgent.

  • Objectives
    • Learn how to implement the Impact/Effort Grid for prioiting work.
    • Learn a better system than the standard To-Do List.
    • Understand the importance of a personal bi-weekly Focus Hour for planning priorities and associated actions.

COURSE Instructor