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A hand places blocks with the letters spelling the word "Career".

Career Management 2.0: Building A Long-Term Career Strategy

Time limit: 1 day


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Career management is the active process of strategizing your next move and positioning yourself for higher earning potential. Besides the usual updating of one’s résumé on a regular basis, career management entails specific steps that can transform your ability to move forward. In this session, you’ll learn tips that enable professionals to consciously think about what they do on a daily basis and fit into a larger plan to either move up or achieve a more rewarding and enjoyable career!



At the end of this course, you’ll:

  • Understand how to plan for the future;
  • Control the direction of your career and understand how what you’re doing today fits into your plan for tomorrow; and
  • Know how to plan ahead and gain traction in your career development momentum.

course Instructor

Image of Dawn Rassmusen


Certified Résumé Writer

Dawn is the president of the Portland, Oregon-based Pathfinder Writing and Career Services and author of “Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability” which is the first-ever book that provides a complete roadmap on how to manage your career.

Dawn has a relentless and tireless desire to help everyone understand the importance of actively managing their career every minute of every day.




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